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A long time ago in a mouth far, far away...

Your Teeth For a Lifetime


At the turn of the last century, many people were suffering from dental caries or tooth decay. Because the cause of the disease was not clearly understood, many people ended up having all of their teeth extracted to put an end to their painful toothaches. Dentists made them artificial teeth or dentures out of plastics and porcelain so that they could still chew their food. So many people lost their teeth in this way, that they actually began to think that tooth loss was a natural part of the aging process.

It wasn't until the late 1960's that the parts of the puzzle gradually began to come together. With scientific research, the etiology or cause of dental disease became clearer and clearer.

Finally, in 1980, it became a reality. Letters patent were granted and Your Teeth For a Lifetime became a foundation for the prevention of dental disease and the promotion of optimal oral health.

Cleverly hidden in this website are the secrets to a healthy smile and your personal password to join our HTHealth Team in a YTFL High Tech Health Adventure.

May the Floss be with you.